Color Pictorial Guide to Safety Seats

The Color Pictorial Guide to Safety Seats is available as a PDF document. You can purchase the file, upload it to your laptop or notebook computer, and/or print one copy for your own use (group rates available). The photographs are organized by type of safety seat, then alphabetically by manufacturer, and then by appearance. If the manufacturer is known, scroll down to those models. If not, scroll to view all of the safety seats of that type. To help with identification, each photo has a caption with the manufacturer, model name, and years when the product was first made and discontinued.
After you have identified the safety seat, check the List of Recalls and Replacement Parts to find out if it has been recalled.

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Note to Certified Technicians:
It is essential to identify the model name of a child restraint before inspecting it or installing it. The model name is needed to determine two things: (1) which instruction booklet to use, if not provided by the parent, and (2) whether or not there is a recall. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not show the model name on their products and/or on the instruction booklets. If the model name was originally shown on a sticker, it may have been peeled off or washed off.

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