CEUs and Other Resources for CPS Technicians and Instructors from SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.

Continuing Education Credits for Recertification

Certified CPS Technicians and Instructors may earn Continuing Education Units toward recertification with the following resources from SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.:

Training Opportunities

See the Training Calendar for information on Educator Workshops and Technical Teleconferences for Technicians and Instructors in California.

SafetyBeltSafe News

Subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter to be eligible for one credit. To request documentation of your completed subscription order, send your name, agency, address, and Technician or Instructor number to Stephanie Tombrello.

Multiple credits are available for organizational memberships. Subscriber must send a separate CEU request for each Technician.

Number of Techs eligible for CEUs


Resources included with subscription to SafetyBeltSafe News






Printable Recall List



Access to printable Recall List and new instructions to supplement the current CD of Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions (see below)



All of the above plus the CD of Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions and one subscription to Safe Ride News*



All of the above plus SBS News to 5 sites in facility & 100 brochures

More than 5


See Group Subscriptions or contact Stephanie Tombrello.


*Contact Safe Ride News (info@saferidenews.com)
 regarding additional CEUs.

2020 Child Restraint Manufacturers' Instructions With Summary Sheets on USB or with online access at www.safetybeltsafeusa.org

Purchase the USB or online access and complete the Quiz to receive one credit.

Note to Certified Instructors: Please do not print the quiz and distribute hard copies. Technicians must download the quiz, save it, and email it to receive CEU credit. Exception: Technicians who do not have Internet access may request a hard copy from SafetyBeltSafe and mail back the completed quiz.

For more information about CEU requirements, go to

Please print information about resources available from SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. and share it with other Certified Technicians and Instructors.

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