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Internet Access to New Child Restraint Instructions

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Recall Update Service
Email notification of recalls and internet access to a printable version of our List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints. (See sample non-printable PDF version.)
Revised every time there is a new recall, this is the most comprehensive recall list available. In addition to official recalls, it includes information about other replacement parts provided voluntarily by manufacturers. Safety seats without a recall also are listed, which prevents the dangerous error of assuming there is no recall if the correct name of the seat is not recognized.

SafetyBeltSafe News
Bi-monthly newsletter on child passenger safety and advocacy.
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Child Restraint Manufacturers' Instructions With Summary Sheets on DVD
This is a compilation of complete manufacturers’ instructions for child restraints made for the last 10 years, with summary sheets developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Summaries for each seat include revised recommendations from manufacturers, minimum and maximum weights, first and last dates made, harness threading, LATCH information, belt path diagrams, identification photos, and more. The 2014 DVD has summaries and manufacturer instructions for 356 child restraints, as well as manufacturer instructions for 25 special needs child restraints. This is an indispensable tool for Technicians, as the majority of caregivers do not bring instructions with them when having their child restraint inspected.
(Click here to view a sample of the Child Restraint Manufacturers' Instructions with Summary Sheets on DVD.)

Safe Ride News
Bi-monthly newsletter on child occupant protection and related traffic safety issues (a $46 value).
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